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Smells so good! Got it for my girlfriend and she loves it ! — Mora Chim
I recently discovered "Maison Petal" and I am in love with their fresh... — Sarah Tremblay
This Rose water is awesome. It calms my skin after shaving and keeps... — Sam
Maison Petal's Rose Water is a game changer for me. A quick spritz and... — Dalila

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Discover the Story Behind Maison Petal's Sensory Awakening Skincare
Hi there! I'm Rachad, the creator of Maison Petal. With over thirty years in Canada, I've blended Moroccan traditions with Canadian culture to bring you something truly special. 🍁 Our Unique Products Explore our skincare line that beautifully merges Moroccan heritage with Canadian craftsmanship. Crafted in Quebec, each product embodies a rich cultural fusion. 🌟 Experience the Maison Petal Difference From Rose Water to our exclusive oil blends, every product reflects the harmony of diverse traditions. Maison Petal isn't just skincare; it's a celebration of unity and beauty. Join us in honoring cultural diversity. 🌹 Discover Beauty and Tradition with Maison Petal Join our journey and experience the magic of Maison Petal today!

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At Maison Petal, your feedback fuels our mission. Every insight helps empower women through our partnership with Charity Association ANOUAR in Morocco. Join us at Thanks for being part of our family and making a meaningful impact. Your satisfaction drives our commitment to quality and charity. Thanks for your support!